Helpful hints

Some of our products need some extra preparation prior to use here
is a small list of helpful hints for you to get the most from your product.

Wok Seasoning

Woks purchased from Wing & Co. are coated with a thin film of lacquer to prevent rust.  This must be removed before using.  Scrub this off with a steel wool or similar with plenty of hot soapy water.  Rinse.  Dry.  Then put wok on heat and get very hot then put oil on to season wok.  The idea is to build up the oil layer so that it becomes a non stick surface.  If food does stick to the wok wash then re season with oil.  After use rinse in hot water then dry.  Apply a small amount of oil onto the wok before storing this will protect it from rusting and help maintain a oil surface on the wok.

Clay pot Preparation

Before using do the following. Immerse pot in cold water overnight.  Then towel dry bottom thoroughly, fill with cold water and SLOWLY bring up to the boil.  Use as normal,  however make sure that the bottom is never wet when cooking and do not subject to sudden changes in temperature otherwise pot may crack.

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