Assorted Rice Crackers Assorted jerky Dried beancurd seasoned jerky style  
Large Rice Crackers Beef Jerky and Pork Jerky Jerky Styled Beancurd  

sesame snacks Assorted flavoured mochi  
Crispy Snacks Sesame and Peanut Mochi  

lychee pudding and assorted jellies Crispy rolls Tiramisu cake  
Lychee Pudding and Agar Jellies 

Crispy Rolls Tiramisu Cake and Almond Cake  

Fortune cookiesReeses chocolate bars true love crispy rolls coffe and coconut candy  
 Fortune Cookies and Reeses's Chocolates

True Love Crispy Rolls Coffe Candy & Coconut Candy  

Garden wafers and almond cake biscuits assorted dried plums etc Sweet potato strips and dried mango  

Garden Waferes and Almond Cakes
Plums and Olives Mango and Sweet Potato  

  fried anchovies and dried squid  
  Pea, Nuts and Rice Crackers Fried Anchovies and Dried Squid  

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