Wok, wok shovel or spatula, wok ring, steamer rack and strainer for noodles Various Chinese teapots bamboo steamer bases and lids Very nice Chinese bowls, sauce dishes, spoon and teacup
Woks and accessories

Tea pots

Bamboo steamers

Chinese tableware

Various chopsticks Chinese Tea Mug with Dragon design Chinese chopper and several sharp knives and peeler Gleaming Silver Steamboat made of Aluminium and stainless steel skimmers great for tabletop cooking

Tea mug with strainer

Sharp knives and peelers

Steamboat from $42.00

granite mortar pestle great gift idea for grinding spices etc Pretty japanese bowl set in a gift box Chinese clay pots for slow cooking Stainless Steel Steamboat  
Mortar & Pestle

Japanese bowls set/4

Clay pot

Stainless Steel Steamboat from $119.95

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