Tofu Puffs, Tempeh, Natto and Wakame Frozen Steamed Buns Frozen meatball made from pork, Chicken, Fish Beef etc Assorted Dumplings and Dim Sims
Soy Products and Wakame Assorted Buns Assorted "Meat" Balls Assorted Dumplings

Assorted Vegetarian products eg Soy Nuggests and Prawns Banana , Pandan and Kaffir Lime Leaves Frozen fish cakes, fish tofu, seafood balls etc Frozen Wonton wrappers and Spring Roll Wrappers in packets
Vegetarian Products Banana, Pandan & Lime Leaves Fish Cakes, Fish Tofu etc Wonton & Spring Roll Wrappers

Frozen Manitou breads Frozen cassava, taro and chillies Frozen Durian and Young Coconut juice in a cup Roast Duck and Peking Duck pancakes
Manitou breads and Rice Balls

Cassava, Taro & Chillies Durian & Coconut Juice Roast Duck and Pancakes

Products - Frozen

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